Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes Carrie I'm still alive

Sorry ya'all, I have serious blog neglect these days. It is because I finally had to grow up and get a real job. I am working at Everest College Online, it pays good so I'm happy. (PS if anyone is looking for a job, let me know) Ryan my brother works with me, so its cool. But man , I've never been so tired in my life!! I don't know how all you full time workers do it. I used to work full time at Quiksilver, but I don't remember it being this killer. (maybe that's cause me and my friends goofed off so much) I think what makes it killer especially is that I have been SOOOOOO sick lately. Carrie keeps texting me everday to see if I'm still alive!!! Anyways as exciting as all of this may sound, I have to stop now, cause I really need to get to bed, (yes it's nine and I am going to bed , what the heck has this world come to) I have to be up at 5 tomorrow, for those of you that know me you know that I am not a morning person, especially not a 5 in the morning person. Yikes!!! Ok well someday I'll take pics and post something cool!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Better Late than Never!

So I've become the worst blogger, but I want to be better. There are a lot of posts that I am behind on. But here is a big one that I've been meaning to post...Christmas!! We had so much fun! It's a little out of order, but here they are.This was on Christmas Eve. Ryan and my mom, then Ryan tried to show us how buff he is!We took some photos by my moms tree, here is Langdon and HeatherRyan with the "Man"The girlsThis was Christmas Day, We watched the Nephews open up presents and had the best breakfast.
Sorry Cannon, we wanted to see if you would make a cute girl:) We think you are cute no matter what!
Grandpa Q with Baby Q

Then we also were invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! I cheated and wore the same outfit that I wore last year when we threw a party like this. Here is Jessie and Rachel

Here is the whole group. Notice that I am the only one looking at the camera. haha!
Here is Jessie and her boyfriend in their ugly sweaters

Me, Adrian and Jess.

After the party we went to Dave and Busters and played some pool. We had so much fun!