Sunday, May 30, 2010

2010 is now in session

Well Jan and Feb were fun. Winston of course is getting bigger and bigger. He's such a fun loving boy. One weekend, we took Winston and my Nephews to this Jungle gym type place out in Tempe. They had a ton of fun!
Turner loved it and just went on and through all of it

Cannon had fun but was a little more hesitant

In January, Winston's new cousin was born. Timothy Kase already goes by all kinds of names.
KAse is what his mom wants him to go by and TK is what TC wants him to go by, so pretty much he goes by whatever:) He's so cute (PS this is Des maybe 2 hours after giving birth) Are you kidding me? she looks awesome! That's just unfair!

Mr. Blue eyes!

Loves making messes now that he's eating all kinds of foods
Kinzi's baby shower was fun too
It was nice to see Kristen and Karis
I hope I look that good the next time I'm pregnant!
Winston's best gal pals came to play! Leah and Brielle are the sweetest girls ever
In February, Nate and I took a trip to Tucson to see the Haughts. We loved going out there. Tylie is so funny and cute!
All the kids chillin! Thanks Tylie for letting use your room and for letting me use your purse (no joke, I borrowed a 4 year olds purse and it was actually cute)
Camille and Addie came to town so we were able to get a pic of all the cousins on Nate's side. Too bad we didn't have much patients, this is the best one we got.
Kathleen, Des and Camille
Then Valentines weekend, Nate and I met up with the Wrights at Win's State wrestling tournament in Prescott. Heres a pic with me and Addie

The whole fam! Even Kyle and Lindsey came out and surprised us all! We were only missing Jay and JAred.
I've been taking more video lately than I have pictures. Heres a funny one of Winston getting super scared by the punching bag that looks like a real man. Were mean parents for continuing to taunt him with it, but at the time it was too funny. Enjoy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

last one, I swear.

I know I said goodbye to 2009 in my last post but there was a monumental event that I need to post.
YES! We made it 5 years in December!!!!
in 2004 I married my best friend
I can't quite say it was the best day of my life... Lets not forget that I was a little out of it. (If you didn't know I had my appendix removed the day of my wedding. Hence the pics of Ryan and Nate feeding eachother our wedding cake and the pics of Nate and I dancing in a wheel chair)

I'll definately never forget our special day(s)
I know you never read this, but Nate, I love you and your the best husband and father in my eyes!
Happy five!

Friday, May 7, 2010

bye bye 2009

I know I know, I'm rediculously behind. One day I'll catch up though, I promise.
Anyway the remainder of 2009 was so fun, especially because Stacia came to town for the first time in years and this time I got to finally meet her boyfriend Nick, whom I totally give my 100% approval on. These New Years babies, Jude and Winston had so much fun on NYE hanging out

Stacia was able to meet Winston for the first time when she came into town. Whinny Pooh loved his auntie Stacia

It also was Nick's birthday

Sleepy boy

Grandpa and Winston

Winston hangin with his girl Brynn