Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is for you Camille and Des

Camille and Des I posted this video for you and anyone else who wants to watch the craziest kid I've ever seen. Others may not find this as funny, but this kid who had to of been speaking another lanuage because I couldn't understand anything he said was going crazy. If anything watch the second clip where he does this little move. Oh my gosh, we were cracking up!

Camille and Baby Addison

Not too long after we went to OK for the baby blessing, we got the privlige of seeing Camille and Addison again! She is the best baby and I can hold her forever! I had so much fun being able to hang out with Nate's sister Camille too! We always have a good time. I was especially grateful that she didn't strangle me when we went grocery shopping for over an hour for a bbq that I didn't even get enough food for (that story will come later). Some of you may not know this, but I am the WORST and slowest grocery shopper. My friend Carrie to this day will admit that she was most annoyed at me when we went together before a road trip. AAAGGGH I am sorry. Don't hold it against me. Anyways, I hope you guys come again soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My July

Since I'm so behind, I will do a quick catch up on July!
First, my pretend little sister got married!!!!! I am so happy for her, because now she is finally cool! My whole life I have been trying to give her tips on how to be cool and popular, for a while there I really thought I was beating a dead horse, but not anymore. Yeah Taya, you finally get the cool card! haha! Anyways, kidding aside, I am so happy for her. She and Dennis are so cute!!Did I mention I love Dennis! OMG he waved at me!!!!! Dennis the Mennis Pitta waved at me!!!!Taya, you are so cute!! I love ya girl!!Then my cutie patutie nephew Cannon had his 1st birthday!!! brothers will be brothers, right?
What a cute boy! We love him so much!
We had another birthday in the family... Ryan!!!

Don't ask
I got to meet my future sister in law Lindsey when she came to AZ with Nate's brother Kyle. I love her, she is so fun!

And lastly, Heather let me take a pic of her prego, cause I said it would go on the blog faster than if she did it. Though its totally outdated, I am right. I would tell you how many weeks she was here, but I totally don't pay attention to that stuff. I hate when people tell me weeks cause I have to add in my head how many months they are. Weeks don't make sense to me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oklahoma for the 4th of July

(To answer your question, yes I am that far behind.) Anyways here is our trip to Oklahoma. I had never been here before and it was such an adventure. We went to visit Nate's sister Camille, her husband Jay and their beautiful new baby Addison. Here is Addison's debut (on my blog at least) She is so adorable. For her blessing she wore the same dress as Camille when she was blessed. Here is the happy family. Roscoe's not ready to share his parents, that is why he is looking away.
Here are my cute sister in laws with their babies.

So Camille and Jay live on base since Jay is in the air force. Base life is so fun. The gym there had raquete ball and a rock wall treadmill that occupied most of our time. We loved it.
This ice cream place that Nate's couldn't stop talking about had a sign saying they now accepted food stamps (really? at an icecream place?)
Here are all of Nate's brothers and sisters. From left to right there is
Win 15, Jared 18, Kyle 23, Des 25, Camille 28, Nate (well technically he was 29 in this picture)
Addison's poparazzi

Dollar bowling on base. You can't beat that!
Already making funny faces
Just like her mother
Can you say WINNERS!! We had 3 teams and we won!!!
The Wright gang


Ok what a small world this is. My cousin Ashley from Utah's friend Rachae lives only a few houses down from Camille. I used to hang out with Rachae every summer when I would go visit Ashley. What are the chances of her living right by my family in OK of all places?
She was eating dirt!
Mother and daughter

This was the biggest shirt I have ever seen! The person may as well wear the American flag.

This is just one of the planes Jay instructs the students on.
sleeping like a baby!
that makes two

This was in Oklahoma city. In front of Toby Kieth's I love this bar and grill!
OKC is really pretty. They had the cutest river walk that goes through the city. I wanted to take a boat tour so bad, but no one would go with me. Lame huh?
Who knew, OKC has a Sonic headquarter.
What a neat experience to see the beautiful memorial to the OKC bombings. It was so sad to be there in person it just fealt so sureal. There is definatley a feeling of devistation that still lingers there. 9:01 is when the bomb went off.
This is a bad pic, but each chair has the name of a victom, the smaller chairs represent a child that was in the day care that day.

This is actually something I do not want to remember...the drive home...all 17 hours. Luckily we dropped kyle off at the airport to make more room. However I was still not happy as you can see in the pic. I hate road trips I would rather fly anyday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Reiwerts!

So For 4th of July we went to Oklahoma for Camille (Nate's Sister's) baby blessing. On our flight there, we had a layover in Colorado, so we called up Erik to see if he wanted to meet up since we knew that he now lives in CO. Turns out he lives in a beautiful house right near the airport! Nate and Erik have been friends or should I say "Bro's" for a really long time. Before he was married he had the nicest house right across from huntington Beach, we have had many fond memories there. Now he's married to the cutest girl ever Teresa, and they have baby Rachel. Isn't she adorable

Nate's a natural
All Smiles!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Turner is Two!!!

Turner turned two and had a big celebration! He loves Blue's Clues so that was the theme!
They had a jumper full of balls to play in. Turner loved picking up the balls and puting them back into the jumper

He had a fun time with his sucker or should I say suckers, although now that I think about it, a two year old jumping with a sucker, well actually 4 suckers, is probably not a good idea.
Here are some cute and funny videos. The first is the birthday boy eating his cake, the second is Turner getting annoyed of his little brother for trying to play with his toys. We are so bad cause we kept encouraging it, obviously mom and dad were't there or it would have been stop...oops.