Sunday, September 23, 2007

September celebrations!

Ok so first was Kristen's Birthday, and man did we celebrate till the crack of dawn, Literally. Read all about the crazy night on her blog Since my camera died, I did not get as many cool pictures as she did! But it was definately a fun and crazy night!! Then the on Friday, we celebrated Heather's birthday at Cheesecake Factory. I love that place - minus the skrew-up they made while seating our party of fifteen! Langdon threw this get together as a surprise for Heather. She thought they were waiting to eat just the two of them. But in reality our whole group was showing up to surprise her. Well, since we didn't get the table in time (they quoted us 35-50 minutes, and it ended up taking an hour and 40 minutes till we finally got seated) we ended up doing the surprise in the lobby! Aaron, Nich, and Ryan
How awkward am I with my arm reaching around miss super model herself carrie! haha doesn't that look funny
When heather walked into the lobby, we all scrunched into a corner, just waiting till she noticed us. She even walked right past us and for a while did not notice at all, but finally she realized we were all there.
The only good thing about doing the surprise in the lobby is we actually were able to take a decent group shot, which is never easy to do at a giant table!
Happy birthday Kristen and Heather!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beatty Palooza

Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how fun and crazy last weekend was. Kirby, my brother in-law (he's the one that was in The RM, singles ward, saints and soldiers, etc) was in town for a concert, so Ryan thought it would be cool to throw a party like in the old days, and make it big like the party in Old-school (minus the alcohol obviously) So we threw a Beatty Palooza.We got Monster drinks to sponsor it, it was in my parents backyard where there's this stage type thing, so he also had some performers, like Maurice, the white rapper, who by the way was so awesome! Kirby came also, which was a huge hit. Then of course the infamous DJ Q was spinning the records. There had to of been at least 200 people there. Before the party however, Nate and I went to Kirby's concert!
So did Loren, Ryan, and Christian
Here are a few of us at the party, with Kirby

Ryan and Kirby

DJ Q and Joe with their monsters.

Loren had a little to much Monster to drink, don't worry Carrie, I stopped him from streaking all the way to the gymnasium.
More pics from the party

Oh my gosh, I love Ty Ford. he cracks me up. Who knew he's like the craziest dancer, I even went to morp with him, and never did I see him move like he does now. haha!

The Samoan girls loved Nate, here he is showin his moves, I was so jealous!

Here is Heidi and I. it was funny because there were a ton of singles at the party, but also all of Ryan's married friends came as well. (Ryan asked all of our husbands to run security haha) The best part was so many people were confused, i would walk by and they would be saying stuff like "I thought that girl got married"
Dougy was there too, he cracks me up. He grabbed the hose from my parents backyard and started dancing like it was nothing. Good thing Linda didn't see, haha
Nate and I with my other sister Marlee's husband
More Kirby!
Nich, Shelby, Aaron, and me.
i love seeing old friends. All in all this party was so fun, I just had to share!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm a week behind

Loren and Carrie
Us and Heather, Langdon couldn't join us! (Don't ask about the hands, I have no clue what I was doing)
My neighbors, Lauren and Jordan

Well, I did have an awesome weekend, but I have yet to post my pics from last weekend, so I will do them first.

We had a date night last week to Gecko Grill. It was so good, Afterwards, we went back to our place to play games! It was cool being able to introduce my neihbors to all my friends. We have such cool neighbors and such cool friends so it was so fun to hang out with all of them at once.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Total joke

So yesterday, my mom called me and said, "Regan you have the worst taste in music, I hate that song that is on your blog" I just wanted to clarify that this song is so not serious. I picked it cause it's so gross. Who is that guy singing, haha!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Woah there Mr. Beatty

Oh my gosh, you do not even want to know what Mr. Beatty is up to now. I almost can't decide if this is cruelty to even post these pictures, but if you knew how proud he was of his new costume, you would know it's alright. So you might be wondering the same thing that EVERYONE is wondering right now WHAT THE HECK IS Q DOING?? Well, Mr. Beatty has recently decided to re-vamp his school spirit like in the olden days of the Gilbert High. And what better way to do this than to make a Higley Knight's mascot costume to wear to the games (Don't ask). Poor guy though, none of us can even keep a straight face whenever he starts talking about it. He's been using my sewing machine every day after school for a while and he finally has somewhat of a finished project (the costume is still missing the helmet, sword, and arm and leg cuffs). The best part about it is the glitter jumpsuit underneath. Oh man, I don't think he is ever gonna live this one down. So, now those of you that have been wanting to attend a football game but were hesitant, you now should have motivation to go to a Higley game just tho see this guy all dressed up. haha (oh my gosh, I'm so embarrassed)
(These are far more sparkly than any dance costume I've ever worn)
The good thing about it all however, is I love that my parents can still make total fools of themselves even at this age. (now I know where I got that from) You are never to old to dress up and look like a fool! Also, I must say I'm so impressed that he can sew so good. I can learn so much from him!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

kickin it oldschool

Aw man, I'm so mad at myself because I have been forgetting my camera lately. The good thing is that whenever I have forgotten my camera I have been able to use someone else's, I just need to get the pics from them. So until I get the pictures from our labor day camp out, I will take everyone back to a few months ago when I went to the funnest concert EVER! Oh yeah, I'm talking about the Boys to Men concert with En Vogue! I meant to post the pictures a long time ago, but kept forgetting, so here they are 2 months later! Did I mention we were fourth row, and quite possibly the only white people in the audience.

Here we are in our seats. If you only knew how disgustingly hot it was outside. Oh yeah, we were definitely in the casino parking lot at 4:00 in July!

Langdon and Nate were trying their best to contain their excitement

This was so funny, the opening group H-Town (biggest pervs ever) took out a bag of teddy bears, they would kiss them then throw them in the audience and I caught one. They totally thought they were all playa's and all smooth, but in reality they were totally old pervs. Oh yeah these were also the same guys that ended by squirting whipped cream over their chest and got some lady to lick it off EWWW!