Sunday, March 15, 2009

January wrap up

Things are going good. In this post I'm wrapping up January. Everything has been really good in the pregnancy. So far, any complaints that I've had are really not that bad. I'm so grateful that things have been fairly easy for me so far. Here is Nate and I at 27 weeks pregnant.

Nate says he's just trying to make me feel good by not having to put on weight by myself. Speaking of sympathy pregnancies, the other day Nate cracked me up when I got a text from him saying "are you hot right now? Cause I think I'm having sympathy sweats".
I must say, being pregnant this time of year has been awesome. I was comfortable not cold this whole winter. I don't know what I will do besides be miserable if I ever am pregnant during the hot months here.
One weekend, My parents, Nate and I thought it would be fun to ride the light rail into Phoenix and have lunch and walk around. The day started off fun and energetic. Here we are getting our passes.

Here we are riding the light rail for the first time (well besides Nate. His department at work has been involved somewhat in the light rail. So he got to ride it before it was even open.) In phoenix we had a lot of fun, but coming home we were all exhausted. So exhausted that Nate and I looked up at one point to realize my parents had fallen asleep. We were laughing so hard.

I don't know why, but they remind me of Weekend at Bernie's. I think that is what made this even funnier.
Then On a Monday, I got a text from my aunt letting me know that my cousin Marybeth was getting married The Next Day.
My first reaction was WHAT??????? This was news to all of us.
Marybeth is the craziest girl I know, so I don't know why it shocked me to find out that she would plan a wedding in a day. Anyway, She has been talking and dating this guy online for a while now. In December she went out to Colorado and met him for the first time. He shortly moved here and then they got married! It was Crazy!!
Here are pics from the wedding.

Here is the groom Thomas

I think Thomas is flashing a Star wars symbol or something here.

Marybeth, strutting her stuff!

We kept asking Thomas if Marybeth was Naughty or Nice. HAHA, I don't think he got our inside joke. We quickly filled him in on the infamous Naughty or Nice story involving Marybeth.
Kinzi was in town and it was baby central. She came to visit Jaime and Tessa's adorable baby boy Gage. I forgot to get a pic of him. But it was so fun to hang out with some of my favorite girls.

My cousin Emily had her baby Jace that same weekend. He is so cute!
And here is a pic of Little Leah, Carrie's baby. I can't handle her little cheeks!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Florida Vacation

In January we had all sorts of trips. Nate and I wanted to take advantage of easy traveling while we still had the chance. So we decided to go to Florida! It was so much fun! We went with Nate's parents and we met up with Will's side of the family, who all live in Florida. Before this trip I had only met Will's parents (Nate's grandparents) It was cool to finally meet the rest of his family including Nate's aunts, uncles, and cousins. The first day we were there, we met up with some of the fam and spent the day at the Epcot Center. It was a lot of fun. I had always wanted to go here. If you have never been to Epcot before, it's basically a huge theme park that features a ton of countries. You walk around from country to country. Each country has food you can eat to represent that country. Shops and architecture, everything imaginable to represent that certain country. It was so much fun!

Here are Nate's little cousins Dakota and Ian in Mexico. Ian cracked us up. He just makes me laugh so hard.

Here's Nate in Norway, he is one hot viking if you ask me!

Of course we had to take a picture of us in Germany. My ancestors are from Germany in fact, my grandparents migrated here from there when my real dad was just a baby. I would definitely love to visit there one day!

We got a group shot on our way into Italy!

Here is Nate and I in front of the Trevi fountain. Italy is another place Nate and I would love to go to one day. Nate served his mission in Italy, however his mission only covered the northern part. So he never went to the big touristy places like Rome, Venice, or Florence. I on the other hand have only been to the super touristy places. So it would be so fun to go back and show each other the places we've been. Plus how fun would it be to see Nate speak the language. He doesn't get many opportunities to practice here, so I never get to hear him.

Haha, I forced Nate to take this picture with this character from Robin Hood. Nate always says that was his favorite Disney movie. This poor character, none of the kids knew who he was. They were all like "Who Are you?" haha!

That's another thing I must say, I had never seen so many Disney characters before, not even at Disney land. Epcot is definitely the place to see characters if that is your thing.

So we had an awesome day at Epcot, it was definitely a teaser though, the whole time your thinking, oh wouldn't it be nice to actually go to this place? Some day.....

The next day we drove down from Orlando to Fort Myers, where all the family lives. Fort Myers is beautiful. We went to Sanibel Island, which was also beautiful. Here we are at the beach.

Here is Nate's parents. Will and Kathleen.

And here is Nate and I. Yep I'm finally posting a pregnancy picture where you can actually tell that I'm pregnant.

So of course on the last day of our trip, Nate's family take us to the best place in the world. I have craved it every day since. Next time we go back I'm coming here 5 times a day. It's that awesome. Anyway its this orange place that sells citrus, juices, and ice cream. I thought I knew what a good tasting orange tasted like. There is no comparison to what I tasted in Florida.

This place had all these different kinds of orange and grapefruit samples

But the best part was the juice samples. Oh my gosh. I drank like a gallon of orange juice that day. It was SOOOOO good. My favorite was the fresh Orange-Strawberry and Orange-Cranberry juice that they had. It was awesome!

That same day we also went to visit Dillon, Nate's little cousin, at work. Nate and I know Dillon very well, after all he was on our honey moon with us! haha! Unfortunately I'm not kidding. Technically Nate and I didn't quite have a honeymoon due to our crazy wedding story where I had my appendix removed, which lead us to canceling our cruise to Mexico. Anyway 6 months later, we finally took a big trip to France, which we called our honeymoon, cause we never had one. But in France we were with Nate's uncle who lives there. Dillon was also there at the same time to make it easier on his uncle, so yes, We got to know Dillon very well.

Back at Nate's grandparents home we just hung out with everyone. All the cousins and family got together which was so nice!

Nate with cousins Jessica and Dakota

The Wright's

Will with his 2 sisters and brother

Will's whole family

Brotherly Love!!!
Here is our attempt at taking a 4 Generation picture. Hopefully in a few months we can get a more legit one. It's kind of cool cause Grandpa Wright is the first born Son, Will is also the first born son, and so is Nate. And now we are continuing this by also having a first born son. We couldn't be more excited.

This is Nate's cousin Marly and her daughter.
Anyway, I want to thank everyone who made our trip so special! You all are great and it was so fun to meet you all!
Ok I have to share this story of our flight home. We had a layover in Chicago. I was so hungry and excited thinking that Chicago should have some good places to eat, even if we're stuck in an airport. So I saw this place called Billy Goat Cafe. The line was huge and I thought this is a good sign, people like this place. So I got a Hamburger. Ok, I have really good sense of taste especially now that I'm pregnant, And I know with out a doubt that that burger was NOT beef. It had to be cat or something like that. But then it hit me, maybe it really Billy goat. Nate thinks I'm full of it, but I swear. So work of warning. Never eat here if you have a lay over in Chicago!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Years in Cali

Well, I've finally made it to blogging 2009 happenings, so at least I am somewhat progressing.
For New years this year Nate and I took a trip over to Cali to visit our friends and family. When We lived out there, we got to meet some life long friends. It was seriously so much fun to go and visit all of them. Here are my girl friends that I made while living in Huntington Beach. We were all in the same ward together. On the left is Mindy, on the right is her sister Michelle who was visiting, and on the bottom is Annie. When we lived there, Mindy and Annie both had a baby, but I of course did not. I would always try to get their kids to like me the best, but it never worked. I would always try to get them all to take pictures with me but they would not have it. haha! I know that deep down I really am their favorite though! (side note, These pictures crack me up cause I thought I was sooooooo pregnant when I was up there and now I look at these pics and I just look fat haha. It's funny how your head makes you think you look soo pregnant, when in reality you are not that big yet)

Mindy's girl Cameron is such a doll. She is just as sweet as can be!
Here are all the guys. I think Josh and Greg have developed man crushes since Nate and I moved away.

The girls

This was my first time meeting little Brianna. This is Annie's youngest. She is so tiny and so cute!

Here's Nate and Case at G.A.Y. my favorite place ever. I miss their yogurt so much!
Case and Sean are such good friends, it is so cute to see them play together.

They even get in trouble together! Here they are in time out making sad faces.
Awe, how can you stay mad at those faces!
After hanging out with my friends in HB, we headed to Valencia to visit my sister Trisha and her family.

I was so excited to see my neices. This was also my first time meeting Gwen. She is the best baby. I totally love her!!!! Sadie is such a good big sister!

Here's my neice and nephew Sadie and Max. I cannot believe how grown up they are.

While we were up there, We all did this competition on the trapoline where you see how many times you can bounce while sitting. I thought it was so funny to see Nate do this. Too bad it's sideways. Oh well.
I miss them so much!

Here's me and my sister with Gwen. She is so cute! I love her! I wish we lived closer to them, we seriously have so much fun whenever we are together.

Saturday night, we road tripped back home so we could make it in time for Brielle baby blessing. She was just adorable as always.

Thanks to everyone in Cali for letting us stay with you and for hanging out with us. We miss you guys so much. Hopefully we will come out again soon!