Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Birthweek!!!

Ok I'm officially almost 2 months behind! Yikes!!!
Well May 7th was my birthday, and you may not know this about me, but I seriously love my birthday. I totally pull out the "birthday card" as much as I can, actually it's safe to say that I over abuse the "birthday card" You all are probably thinking, What a brat, but seriously I have no rebuttal because I know it is pretty bratty, I jsut can't help it!

Well the lucky thing for me is that I have the best friends and family that actually put up with me at this time every year! My mom is so awesome. She went all out and got me a present for all of the seven days leading up to my birthday, hence why I call it my birthweek. Nate was awesome and got me a new bike!!! I love bike riding, except for last night...I totally almost wrecked and I kind of hurt my knee doing it, oops!
Ok so it's picture time... keep in mind, I was still having those headaches at this time so just bare with me.
My mom had a b-day dinner. They made my fav, macadamia pork with a pear sauce! yum! Thanks!

Marlee and the fam!

Here my parents took me out to dinner to the Keg Steakhouse, it was so good!
Nate got me a stress ball, it was so cool and then it popped!

Mom and Marlee
Ok so Turner was in heaven with my birthday cake!
Ah, nothing but pleasure here.

He's really is becoming a big boy

Ice cream cake my fav
Ryan wanted me to take a pic of how big he has gotten he was scheduled for knee surgery and was afraid he would lose it all in the recovery process. He is healing, now and hopefully will be back on track when he is all better.
Uh. this is dangerous, me and Ryan trying to feed cannon
Ok so this was so sweet. This guy at my work has this wife who loves to bake, and she is dang good. He always brings in leftover things that she makes into work. Well, he knows how much I love her baking and for my b-day, he had her make my favorite... carrot cake! I swear to you this was the best carrot cake ever! I wish i had a better pic cause it was gorgeous. The whole side of it was nuts. I seriously wanted to cry cause it was so sweet to do!
This is my friend at work, Tracy, she took me to Red Robin, we always have so much fun together. Now she works elsewhere and I miss her so much.

And of course my girl Carrie, had her birthday as well. Carrie I had so much fun eating at Bahama's with you, sorry for the late incident, you have to admit, it was funny though!

Well in conclusion, thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday and especially those of you that had to put up with me :-) PS I will gladly still take birthday wishes if you didn't get a chance to in May. haha!