Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In loving memory of... My cell phone

I lost my cell phone Christmas eve at the movies, and I'm seriously sad about it, because I had so many friend's numbers in it, some that I am afraid I will never be able to contact again:( I have already stalked the movie theater, and done everything I could think of in order to find it...and nothing!! I am seriously sooooooo bummed!

I think I will be getting a new phone soon (same number I'm sure) but since I have no one's numbers please email me yours.

I'll post some fun christmas pictures later!
So stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Graduation and Party!!!

First off I want to to say Thanks to all of you that congratulated me! You are all such great friends! Thank you! Also Thank you for putting up with me and my constant lameness from always having to STUDY!!! I'm so glad that I won't have to do that for a long while.
I graduated with a Marketing degree from ASU, Graduation was very fun! (Thanks Audrey for the Cap and gown hook up)
Here is me with my wonderful and supportive family (I could not have done it with out them)
Me with Nate and his family
Posing in my cap and gown The Party was so fun! Thanks mom!!! Everything was great!!

Here is me before people showed up, I was going to feel like such a loser if nobody came haha!! Luckily they did.

Here is a picture of "The Man" (punching bag) It cracked me up that my mom decked him out in Christmas clothes. He just stares in from the outside window and it scares me every time I walk by

Marceles, The future grad!

Talking around the fire pit

Lorin was reunited with his 7th grade computers teacher, Olga

Afterwards the boys had their weekly tradition of Thursday night Poker. Although it's "Guys night" which is what they usually tell me each week so I won't play, they let me play this day because I graduated. (Usually they won't let me play because the first time I did I beat them all!)

Thanks again everyone!

Oh yeah, and now that I'm graduated, we all know what that means...I need to go get a job, If you here of anything keep me in mind:)

Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm graduating!

Well, graduation is finally here, and I'm so excited that I am finally graduating!!! And you all know what that means...PARTY! I know this is so informal, but I would love if you could come to my graduation and barbeque on Thurs. Dec. 13th

I thought this pic was very funny. For those of you that are not ASU fans (may mercy be upon your soul) this is the Devil's pitch fork sign. (by the way this is not my hand or picture. I found it on Google images)

Ok here are the details about the graduation and party. (If you cannot come to the graduation, at least go to the barbeque!)
It is Thursday Dec 13th
Graduation is at 2:00 pm at the Wells Fargo Arena at ASU (google it) Also there will be no problems with seating, just come and enjoy

Barbeque will be that night at Linda and Q's (my parents house) at 6:00 pm. (call me or email me for directions.)

Please post a comment here if you are coming also, just so I can let my mom know how many to expect!