Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 weeks non-stop (ps this is the longest post ever)

I know, my title is pretty weird, but you will understand it in a bit. First I want to say that this is all from a month ago, so things are better now. But let me tell you what's going on, ok for those of you that actually read my blog, then you know that my last post I said I have issues that will be continued, well I am continuing that now. It all started around January when I started my job, which by the way I am so over working there (Ashley don't tell Dan I said that) So please if any of you know of job openings Please let me know. Ok so back to January, all I remember was being exhausted and everyday I thought "how did I used to work full time, it is killing me" but I brushed it off and for 3 months I've just been drained, sick, and unmotivated. Well all of a sudden I started getting headaches at the beginning of April. These headaches were just like migraines except they would not go away. So I went to the doctor and it turns out I have a hypothyroid. I am now on some medicine that I will probably take forever that will help me. It's not fun, but I have been feeling a lot better. Well one of the main reasons why I am telling you all this is because it explains why I have been such a bad blogger. Also it will explain why in all these pictures I have a lazy eye. Seriously when I had my 3 week long migraine, I was in so much pain that I could barely open my eyes. on top of that I started getting a lazy eye that was especially noticeable in pictures.
Ok so now onto the activities we did during these 3 weeks. First We had a last minute trip to CA due to a death in Nates family. His great uncle died. It was so sad but we really enjoyed hanging with family and friends.This is a 3 generation shot of Nate his dad and his grandpa Wright. All three of them were the oldest in their families.
Grandpa Wright's two other brothers came in town also. Gary on the left came all the way from France. We love them all so much, they are so cute.
My favorite part of this trip was that I got to visit all my friends in CA. Here I am with Mindy's daughter Cameron. This is one of my many lazy eye pictures, I would try so hard to keep them open.
Cameron loves to swing in her backyard
Here is me Mindy and Annie. (Annie drove an hour to come visit us and she was 8 months pregnant with her second kid) Annie you are the best, I'm so glad you came!
Heres Case with his best friend George! He is so cute!

Mindy and Annie

This is Annies boy Sean, he is a social butterfly and it cracks me up. We couldn't get him to take a picture so we had to set the camera up on the entertainment center while he watched his movie.

Case is so good a b-ball, he showed me all of his moves

Here is our group pic with the kids, it was rough

Cameron the princess
Case didn't want to be left out, so he took his own princess picture
Nate and Case
The girls!

Thanks so much Mindy and Josh for letting us stay with you. You are great hosts. We miss you guys so much!
One funny thing that I didn't get a picture of but wanted to journal for memory sake even though I really wish I could block this memory out was the ride home... We drove our truck with a mini version of an extended cab, you know the one where it really stinks having to sit back there, even when its just for a brief moment. Well, on the way there I rode back there and though it was uncomfortable, but I found ways to sprawl out. So on the way home Nate's Grandpa asked if he could drive back with us....yeah, so for six hours Nate's dad and I were scrunched as we shared the itty bitty extended cab together. It was awful!
The next week Kinzi came into town. I love it when she comes! By this time my head ache is getting worse and worse, here I am with Kinz. This is our 10th time taking this picture due to my lazy eye

I got to see Megan and her cute boy too!
Max and Kinz looking like models
Oh I love Taya and Dennis! They are so funny!
Here we are at this spaghetti fundraiser, lazy eye and all.
More lazy eye

Anyway, I was so glad to see you all! I love and miss you guys so much!!!
I didn't take pictures of when we went over to Max's parents and played cards, but it was so fun! come back soon you guys!

Then the next week I got to go out with the girls! This was an especially fun night for me because I haven't hung out with these girls in forever!
Here is Posey and Amy at Gecko Grill

Here's the group shot. Literally I hadn't seen Sarah since high school. I had so much fun.
After dinner and talking till we literally got kicked out (even from the patio) we were still wanting to party so we went over to my parents to play texas hold em with Mr Beatty. My dad and Nate and other guys have a guys night every thursday where they play Texas hold em. You can just see on his face that he thought we were crazy! We totally were just goofing around and being crazy!My head and eye were hurting as they always were during these 3 weeks, and it came to a point where literally I couldn't keep my right eye open. Sara who is a nurse mentioned that an eye patch might help. Man was she right! I made an eye patch for me and Amy (she was having an eye headache too) it was the best!
Again I think mr. beatty thought we were crazy.
Finally Posey won! Good job!
Well that sums it up. My headache is now gone. Thank goodness, and my eye is stronger than ever. No more lazy eye.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recipe - Who would have ever though I would be giving cooking advice!

Awe! You all made me feel good about my pasta dish I made. I know some of you asked me for the recipe so here it is. The best thing about this is that it really is easy (You know that is true or else I wouldn't make it) The only problem is that I don't have exact measurements or anything professional. I play around with how much I put in all the time, so you can too!

(this recipe is for a lot of people/leftovers so keep in mind you can cut it in half if you don't want as much)

Bow tie pasta - 1 box (boil and run through cold water so it doesn't stick together)

Mozzarella balls of cheese (you have to play around with brands, there are some that are way too dry, and those don't taste good. The wetter the better) - 2 balls, cut into cubes

Baby tomatoes (cut in half if you want them to go further)

chopped basil (you can never have too much) If you can get fresh basil that is great, but I do it with the basil in my spice rack too and it is still good

Pepperoni - I cut these into 1/4's, These are optional but add a good flavor if you like it, Nate adds Salome sometimes, but you choose whatever you like

And lastly Olive oil, pour in a little at a time, just enough so that nothing is sticky.

Serve cold!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Here's to you! (beware this is long)

Here's to all of you that harass me on a continual basis! Just kidding I'm glad you push me, I keep meaning to post, I really do, but I've had issues lately. Don't worry you will find out my issues pretty soon whether you want to or not:) I am no closed book, I will gladly share with all of you my daily issues. Here's the thing though, I have ocd when it comes to posting on my blog and I refuse to post out of sequential order, since I haven't posted in forever I must post all of these pics first. These pics occurred before I had issues so I won't dig in to them just yet. Let's just say that this conversation will have to be continued in a later post.

Ok so back to the fun stuff! Here we are with Lud again before he left town!

Don't you think I should be professionally good looking here with my Zoolander face
Cannon (left) and Turner (right) are getting so big, We had a fun bath time the other week in my parents Jacuzzi tub.

Cannon is so sweet (minus when those big ogar hands get the best grip on your hair, face, nose, etc.) I had to post this, because those that know me, know I do not cook. What you may not know is that I try to volunteer every chance I get when it comes time to bring food to enrichment. Why you ask? Well I always try to make friends, cause I'm seriously the biggest loser at church. (Ask Carrie, she can attest) So I figure if I volunteer, people will like me . haha! Well this is my favorite thing Nate makes. It's mozzarella tomatoes, pasta peperoni, and basil with olive oil. I finally tried making it for the first time and it turned out really good! I was so proud of myself!I forced Carrie to come with me, she totally loved it (by that I mean my pasta not enrichment night, Quit being a hater Carrie haha) The best thing ever happened though, this lady that is really cool in my ward came up to me the next week and asked me for my recipe cause she loved it so much. I felt so cool (mission accomplished)

Ok so First Jared was on the wrestling team...fine...I eventually learned to like parts of it. Now he plays tennis. Have any of you been to a Tennis tournament? they last all day sometimes, especially when the one person you are there to watch keeps winning haha. Jared is really good at tennis and it was fun watching him, but wow it was a long day. Luckily we were in Thatcher and split the day up by visiting some of Nate's friends in between matches.

Here is Nate and win cheering on Jared!
Ok this picture is random, but I had to throw it in the mix. At my job there is this lady that sits next to me (well she did until I just moved this week) but anyways it cracks me up because she always tries to give everyone hugs, and her hugs tend to be awkward, especially because they last far to long than what is comfortable. We all laugh about it. but anyways here she was trying to hug one of my friends. I thought it was funny and took a secretive picture. Then... most of you know this already because for weeks it has been on other's blogs, but Lynn Jake and Annabelle came in to town and I seriously had a blast!!!!Here we are at marci's, who by the way not only hosted a fabulous bbq, but has such a beautiful house, thanks so much for having us over) Tricia's husband Jared made the best cheese cake ever, I was so impressed!I thought this picture was funny because it is so typical nate. I asked him to take a picture of all of us as we were sitting and playing games (sorry team girls I totally lost it for us, I knew I shouldn't have had the "cat" card) Anyways what's funny about the picture is that this really was the best one he took and only Lynn and I were looking at the camera.I went over to Marci's blog and of course she had a perfect picture with everyone not only looking at the camera but smiling too! Thank goodness for copy and paste.This picture is also from Marci's blog. We had so much fun, it was too bad Kristen wasn't there this night.The good thing is that we got to see her the next day at the iron man race... (oh yeah Tricia thanks again for calling me out, real cool. haha!)I got to hang out more with baby Annabelle! She is so good and cute!
Go Scott! Seriously this was the most impressing thing! him and 3 other brothers did the race. Man Scott is a machine!!! Here he is after the finish line, he is now a 2 time iron man!