Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

I'm so excited, This is the first time this year that I am not posting something a month later than it happened. I am happy to say that it is Easter today, and I am actually posting about Easter!
So first off Nate's family came into town. We had a lot of good food fun and games. the tacos were so good Des and TC, Thanks. Also we had a crepes buffet, it was so good.
My mom's uncle, Lud from Missouri came into town and we took him to the Easter Pageant. He loved it! Carrie and Loren did so good as they always do. Lud was so impressed, he filled out a form in the visitor's center for the missionaries to bring him a BoM.
He is so cute, if you don't know, he is the ONLY blood relative (besides her kids) that she has ever met. Since she was adopted, she never met her biological mother, as her parents died before she was ever able to find them. She did however, find her mom's brother (who had no clue that my mom was even born) 2 years ago my mom went and met him for the first time. Last year he cam to AZ to meet her family, and now he has made it an annual trip. It has been really neat.

On Saturday, while the boys went paint balling, and Des had to work, Kathleen (Nate's mom) and I took Raylee shopping. She is a really good shopper. And loved checking herself out in the mirror.

My mom threw an Easter dinner, It was great! She asked me to make these little cakes in the shape of eggs. The green grass is coconut. It was fun, but you would totally think that a 5 year old decorated them, but no it was me (des and ma-kat did help though, thanks)

Happy Easter

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I haven't updated in a while, probably because I haven't been up to all that much, but here is some pics anyway!
First Nate had his appendex taken out!!! He had appendicitus that was caught early (Thank goodness) He was fortunate enough to learn from both Camille and my experiences to realize that his stomach pains had to be appendicitus, and that is why they caught it early. He had a rough recovery though, who knows maybe it wasn't so bad and he was just milking it in front of me so that I would baby him haha! Just kidding, he wouldn't do that. In fact I had a hard time getting him to just relax and recover, he wanted to do everything on his own. He kept telling me how much respect he had for me because I not only went to our reception the day of my surgury, but that I got up and got married the next day.

So yes, now Nate and I are appendex less, I think he just wanted to be more like me.

Before Kinzi and Emily headed back home after their visit, we went out to breakfast. I love these girls!!! If you read Kristens blog you saw that we started a sewing class on Wed. Thank you Linda!!!!! You are so Awesome!!!! Linda, Kristen's mom is teaching how to sew. We are so lucky to learn from the best. Right now we are doing these cute burp clothes (Attention all expecting mom's if you invite me to your shower, I will be honoring you with my new talent, please don't look too closely at the stitch, I'm not a perfectionist)

This one is for Marci, I kept telling her this was going to make the blog, apparently she didn't care! We went out for dinner with Loren and Carrie a while ago, it was really good, if I remembered the name I would share, but I totally forget. That is our waiter in the back
Happy Birthday Will (Nate's dad) we went to one of my favorite Mexican places, Macayo's yummmm! (however being that last week I ate mexican food 9 times, I must admit, I can go with out it this next week, ok I already know that's a lie, so maybe just once or twice instead of 9) And lastly this was cute pic of my mom and dad I took the other night. They are so funny!