Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miss Stacia!

One of my best friends, Stacia came to visit me. It had been over a year since the last time I had seen her and I am so grateful that she came to see me. It's so crazy how even though time passes, when you get together with good friends it just seems like yesterday that you last saw them. Everything goes back to the way it was. Here we are with Ryan in my kitchen. It was nice cause she really wanted to go out and be single and have fun, Since Ryan is in the singles scene he knew all the fun places and could take her out with his friends.
We had a little reunion one night with girlfriends from highschool. We went to BJ's!! I love that place! Amy and Sarah
Stacy and Kristen
Our group minus Posey, she had to leave early to go to Georgia early the next morning
Oh and this could easily be the best part of the night! Umm, yeah I'm drooling right now.
Stacia and Jess!

Ok this is just a side story that was really funny, We drove a whole 2 blocks to go swimming one day, when we went to get out of the car, the magazine had MELTED on stacia! Are you kidding me? Only in Arizona.....

Dave and Buster's anyone?

On Stacia's last night in town, we did a little celebrating by getting a group together to go to Dave and Busters to eat and play at the arcade!!! We had a really fun time. Here is Sabrina and I. We were so happy that Darren and Alyne came. They are so funny!
So while we were waiting for our food, we got a little out of control, we thought it would be funny to each do a sexy shot. (haha why do I always find myself in these situations, first O faces, now this)
Since Stacia and Sabrina are single, they know how to be sexy. Me however, I totally have no mo-jo. I couldn't stop laughing.
After many errors I finally gained control.
I should take some lessons from Darren.Or maybe our waiter could give me some tips. haha!After dinner we gamed it up!!
It was great watching other people get so into their games. This guy had the thickest mustache, you can barely see him, but he was very amusing.
Group shot!Girl's shot

Later at Dave and Busters Ryan and his friends met up with us. They talked us into going across the way to dance. But what sold us was that there was a mechanical bull! Are you kidding me, Nate was in heaven! There was a long line to get in, so it was the perfect time to.... Take pictures for the blog! I love this pic, I really might think I might frame it!
Ok by far the funniest part of the night was Nate riding the mechanical bull. Not once, not twice, but three times in a row. The best part is the way he rode the bull, if you can even call that riding. He was sooo sore the next few days, but it was so worth it just to watch!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Triple Dates are Great!!

So FOREVER now, Nate and I have been dying to go to this Restaurant in Down Town Phoenix called Pizzaria Bianco (It was recognized by the Oprah show as one of the best pizza places) Well anyways we made a date out of it. A triple date that is. It was so fun, and honestly if you ever plan on going here, going with six people is ideal. Each pizza has 6 slices and there are so many interesting pizza's you can order, so we wanted to try a bunch of flavors. Here is Nate and I and below is Lonnie and his date Kara.
I set Ryan and my friend Karen up, they hit it off pretty good!
Ryan taught her a few things. (If any of you know what they are doing you will think this picture is funny)
When we ordered all our different pizza's we asked our waiter the order that we should eat our pizza's in. The way Ryan phrased it was "Which pizza should be our climax"

So of course we had to have everyone make their "O" faces

Ok so after dinner we went to First Friday just around the block since after all it was the first friday of the month. While we were out and about we ran into the weirdest lady. (If you ever have been to first friday you probably know that there are weirdos all over the place) but this lady took the cake. I actually feel really bad for her. Basically she made this giant stuffed man, and 1) I think she thinks this guy is real. 2) I think this "guy" is her lover. I do know that his hair is real, she sewed it herself, but just watch the video, watch the way she looks at him, its really sad.

Here is the video, Sorry its filmed sideways. (how do I flip that)
After our crazy adventures downtown, we went back to ryan's and I don't remember why we started doing this, but it cracked me up and at the same time it was freaky looking. We all took turns holding feet. It actually is really painful to try this.

Isn't that freaky looking?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mindyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Come Back!!!!

Oh just posting is already making me sad, cause I miss her so much. Remember I am still a few months behind, so everything I'm posting is kinda old news. But let me just tell you that I was so happy that Mindy and Co. came to AZ and visited. We had so much fun! Mindy and I met in Huntington Beach when we lived there. Her and Josh were in our ward. We hung out all the time and had endless trips to Peiways, Rubios, and GAY (Great American Yogurt). Man I can't even tell you how much fun memories we have.

Here she is with her two cute kids. Case and Cameron

Little Cameron is getting so big Case is by far the sweetest little kid I know. I think he was the first diaper I ever changed. Well actually I started, dry heaved, then Mindy stepped in and finished. haha! Man I have no idea how I'll ever survive parenting.

One of my favorite parts of her trip out was that Laura was in town too. We had a fun little get together one night. Here are all us girls

Carrie was such a trooper this night. she was so tired and prego, but she came because she I bugged her all week about it. Here we are taking a pic in the most awkward position ever, we had our heads lifted up against the wall. We were tired and thought it was funny.

The boys playing texas hold em
Tylie and Case played cute together, why do I feel like I was interrupting a special moment?
I don't know who's going to be the better mom someday me or Tylie. Actually Tylie is awesome with babies, despite the picture and the video that I have below. Why does this little one crack me up so much!
Langdon and Heather on the other hand are going to make great parents. I can't wait for little Brooklyn Bridges to get here.
Another pic of my little buddy Case. Come back and visit soon, Pleeeeeease!!!

Ok here a funny video of Tylie and Case from the party, I told Laura I'd post it, it's pretty long. The first thirty seconds is my favorite part though. If you watch it, be sure to turn off my music and have the volume up. Listen to tylie. It's a crack up.

Sorry Laura for exploiting your child oh yeah I antagonize her a little bit too. haha, I just can't contain myself, I'm so bad!

Hanging with the Jobes

We have become good friends with the Jobe's. Nate met Jensen in College when they both wrestled for Embry Ridel. We have fun and like to go out to eat at new places around San Tan, I don't think we'll ever get to them all, but we try. Their kids crack us up too! Anyways, I had this pic and thought I'd post about it.