Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is proof that married people can still have fun!!!

This is from a while back but is way too cool not to post. When the Superbowl was in town I was determined to go out and take advantage of all the cool stuff that was going on. My mission was to see someone Famous! Let's just say Mission accomplished!!!!! So it started with Nate and I going over to pick up Loren and Carrie, Here Carrie is doing her hair.

Ready to hit the town

Oh yeah and this was when we had the rental, so we felt really cool now.

We show up in Scottsdale and saw a red carpet event going down, we were very intrigued There was this huge tent set up and inside was a concert, for whom we did not know. Carrie and I thought it would be fun to watch people show up and enter on the red carpet. Our husbands being the mischievous guys that they are had other plans. They decided to walk around the tent to see if there was a way in. We of course thought (no way they are crazy) well five minutes later we get a call, and yes, our husbands got in, they have no remorse at all. Us on the other hand were freaked out cause they told us we had to sneak in and meet them. So our journey begins.

There were 2 security points that we had to sneak pass, and we were so scared to get caught, but our husbands told us to just act like we belong and walk with large groups. All of a sudden I start walking with this big group and it turns out to be John Jay and Rich my favorite morning talk show guys and their posy, I totally said Hi to John Jay too! haha! He was probably like who are you, and why are you walking with me? Anyway we finally made it in. And guess what? it was a Wyclef concert. Apparently the tickets were like $500. It was so fun!!!

Here we are in front of the 944 sign. (they sponsored the party)

Here we are with our golden pass that finally made us look as if we belong. The secret to getting the pass you ask... Find the oldest drunk guy there. It works every time.
This ended up being one of the funnest night outs! Below is a small clip from the concert. He pulled up some weird girls on stage and they were all the worst dancers. enjoy!
Oh and to all my single friends who tease me about being a boring old married person (aka Rachel) What's up now!!!!!
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Monday, February 18, 2008

"Regan what have you been doing since 2008?" Well sit back and I'll fill you all in!

I know all of you have been hanging onto the edges of your seats to find out what the heck I have been up to so your wishes have come true, Hope I don't bore you all too much:) Well besides getting my new job, which is still going good, here are a few happenings that I have captured on camera since 2008! (I have a few cool things that I am going to post seperate though because they deserve their own post for being so cool)

Ok so first we have my little hot little lepricon of a husband Nate in his cubical on New years eve day!!! Good work Nate!Then off to our last minute New Years gathering, no offense to anyone that did not get a call, I had lost my phone a few days before and had no numbers, plus I wasn't planning on it till the very last minute. (oh and no we did not have a cool snow machine or even confetti as it may appear that is actually proof of how discusting my house is, cause I think that it is dust, gross huh? Whatever don't judge)

Then off to wrestling season for Nate's little Bros. We had the chance to go to a tournement in Heber as well as the state Championship, No offense to wresling fans, but how do you do it? Unless my brother-in-laws are up, I just get bored out of my mind...hmmm I probably should have kept that to myself. I will admit parts of state were'nt that bad

Raylee keeps getting cuter and cuter, she is laughing all the timeShe still has her serious moments thoughWill and Cathleen out to eat with us in HeberThen I got to hang out with my cute cousin Emily visiting from Germany and posing by the pretty tulips Nate got me when I was sick (thanks hon) , she is the shopper of the planet and got me the cutest Hobo wallet for only $15 I'll take a picture and post it cause it is sooo cute!! (thanks Em)

I got my hairs cut, I love my hair right now, this pic isn't the best but it gives you the idea.

Langdon went to Brazil for 2 or 3 weeks, it fealt like forever though, just ask Heather. We were happy when he finally came home.

Laura and Tylie came for a visit. I love Tylie she really is a crack up!She loves me too, Aunty Regan is her new favorite, sorry Rachel you've got some competition now!
Oh and how could I forget, poor Nate got in another accident and wrecked the civic (yes I still have the same Natural Gas Civic that I had in highschool) we had a rental for a while since my civic was being fixed.
What's that you say?? you didn't hear about Nate's accident? Well maybe you actually did hear about it cause it did make the news, you just didn't know it was my husband who was in it. he ran into a motorcycle cop on his way to work. Thankfully everyone is great and there was no injuries. But here he is in our rental, though it was a grand am, I totally loved that car. It's not that grandma looking, don't you agree?