Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winston Turns One!

In April, I still can't even believe it, but my little baby turned 0ne!!! Are you kidding me?? My mind can't wrap around it, I still feel like I just had him. Geeze, time flies when going crazy. haha! So far motherhood has been a huge mixture of fun, stress, exhaustion, love, and excitement. I love my boy so much and I'm so grateful that he is just a healthy happy guy!
Anyway I have serioulsy 1 million pictures so I am posting only 1,000, in other words this is going to be the longest post ever. Sorry, I just can't leave out any of the cuteness!
Our little birthday boy with one of his favorite people...G-pa
Winston had so many friends come out for his birthday! Here's Sara and Amy

Des, Raylee, Kase and Grandpa

Winston loves balloons so we had a balloon theme party, it was great!
He also loves picking his nose, can you tell?

Daddy and Nate at the bbq. We had a little surprise for our guests, some of you knew and some of you may be finding out for the first time right now, but those burgers were not beef, they were elk. Everyone really liked them. I would have liked them, but just knowing they were elk kind of siked me out.

The first five minutes of his birthday and he's already making a huge mess by eating mudd! Here he is caught in the act

Since my sister Marlee is amazing at making parties super cute, I asked her to do the cakes. Like always she went ALL out. It turned out so so cute! The cupcakes looked like balloons and then at each table there were vases full of colorful m&ms and bright colored balloon cakes.
Have you ever heard of cake balls? Its cake mixed with frosting and rolled into a ball, then its dipped in chocolate. Marlee then put them on sticks and used bright colored chocolate so that each arrangement was a balloon bouquet! It was so cute and very tasty too!

Happy birtday pinata!

A giant cupcake for the birthday boy, once again thanks Mar for making it look so cute!
"NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO" is what all three of us are yelling as this little birthday boy reaches for that fire first thing. Yikes, Thank goodnes we were all on alert. He was just fine.

A little hesitant at first

Yeah!!!! He loved it. This was pretty much his first time having sweets so we weren't quite sure what hed do.
"So this is what I've been missing out on"
Cousing Turner at the jump house!

Winston's friends Brielle and Shane jumping. Oh my gosh Brielle can you be any cuter as you smoosh your face into the netting? I love that pic!
After the cake Winston did one of his favorite things , Played with the hose. He didn't realize the real purpose for the hose was to wash him off. After the cake he was filthy.

Happy boy!

Cousin Cannon with balloons

Opening presents. (Geeze as I write this I am realizing I am a horrible person and have not sent out any thank you's. Sorry! Does this count, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Winston was and still is in heaven!!!!)

Caught in the act, it was actually these little guys that were opening all the presents haha! Winston's Cousins are not going to like it when W returns the favor at their parties, haha!

Our attempt in getting all the kiddos together for a pic! Hey we tried!

Winston not feeling the bounce house
Marci Kristen and I
Langdon Heather and Brielle

Winston and Jace. Look out ladies!
4 generations of Wright boys!! It was great having Winstons great granparents from FL come out to his party!

In all Great Awesome Day! I love this boy and can't wait for many more birthdays to celebrate!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

March Madness!

We had so much fun in the month of March. The most memorable and exciting part for me was when my sister from California came out to visit me! I just love her and her family and it was so good to have her here. She hadn't been to AZ since Ryan had his mission farewell, so this was a BIG treat!
Here's Me and Trisha
Because this was such a rare occastion with them being here, I pulled out all the stops to make this trip amazing. We swam in Ryan's heated pool, we went to the easter pageant, We even went horse back riding!
Here's Ryan swimming with Winston

I think its nap time!
Ryan with Max and Sadie
We also took everyone to the zoo. Here we are having fun
Winston being cute!
It was so cold the night of the easter pageant. Gwen was perfectly warm though in this little number

The whole family! Tricia, Kirby and the kiddos!
Little Gwens chocolate on her face started looking like a hitler stache
The kids loved playing with the puppies!
Winston loved his Easter basket. He went and got pics with the easter bunny. He wasn't too fond of that!

messy eater
Also this month Des and TC blessed their baby

TK/KAse is such a sweet baby!