Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hawaii 2010

In September, We went to Hawaii. It was a first for both of us! We went with Nate's "Bro's" from highschool and their wives! We went with no kiddos and seriously had one of the best and well needed trips of our lives!
All of my pictures are out of order, but it took me like two years to get them all loaded and it would take me another two years if I tried to get them in the order I want (Is it just me or does blogspot's lack of basic features just drive you crazy) Anyway, back to the best trip of my life:)

Here we are at the Laie temple, the beach house we stayed at was in Laie walking distance from the temple! We would even jog in the morning to the temple and it was so beautiful. It was still under construction when we went so we were not able to go in, and unfortunately weeks after we left, they had the open house.
Here is a Buddhist temple we visited, it sits ontop of this cemetary and is so pretty. I could have stayed there much longer, but the mosquitos were in full force that day!
One memory that I want to write, is that when we were in Hawaii, Beave was determined he would get a tattoo, although Kayla his wife begged him not to. At this temple Kayla made a wish at the wishing well that Beave wouldn't go to his tattoo appointment, Well Beave went and 30 min after dropping him off, he called and the power went out at the tattoo shop. haha go Kayla!! (But unfortunately for Kayla that didn't stop Beave the next day he was back at the shop and got the tattoo.)

This was the once glass table on our balcony, we came home one windy afternoon and the umbrella broke all the glass. Thankfully the owners were understanding.

We went to pay tribute at Pearl Harbor.

Nate went deep sea fishing and caught the most delicious fish! It was beautiful!

That night Captain Mike (Lahua's cousin that lives there) invited us over to eat all of the fish our boys had caught. Ahi Tuna, mahi mahi, and much more! It was the BEST! I've never had anything that fresh beforeWe went to the polynesian cultural center and it is so impressive we got to see the show that night and even had the backstage hook ups thanks to Beave. He actually grew up in Laie while his dad taught at BYU Hawaii, he has many old friends there and left and right we got so many hook ups. The Hawiian people take care of their family, and close friends there are family, it is such an amazing spirit. This is the band that Beave used to be in when he lived in HI, we got to see them perform! They are so good! Bruddah Sam on the left is like a legend there. He is so so talented!

The Bros Nate, Beave and AaronWe were invited to Bruddah Sam's place for a Kava party! Can I just say Kava is so nasty its like drinking mud haha! It was fun though:)
Ok this is one of the pics I wanted at the end because at the end of our trip we were leaving Sat afternoon. Well we got to the airport and our flight was delayed for like 8 hours and unlike anywhere else we were thrilled! We didn't get to spend much time in Maui. To accomodate us the airlines shuttled us to Maui let us stow our carry ons at a hotel AND gave us a buffet voucher to the hotel dinner valued at like $60 per person.
Oh my gosh All you can eat, fresh king crab!!!! I was in heaven. I love crab! I have no idea how much I consumed this night haha!

Beautiful waterfalls of the mountain

Blue Steel anyone?

We went on a hike one day, it was very amusing. We took the wrong way when we got scared that this crazy local was going to kill us so instead of seeing this beautiful view we ended up walking around the sewer plant. haha!

Now I know where Winston get it, NAte climed this totally unstable tree that if he falled he was going strait down a cliff.

In Hawaii, Love is in the air:)

On the North Shore the waves were INSANE!!! These waves were tunneling right at the shore. Lifeguards were warning everyone that even body surfing these waves was dangerous and can brake bones. Yikes! Of course that didn't stop Nate and Aaron

At the PCC Luau

Nate decided to put the tattoo across his face at the PCC

Here's me taking some fun yoga shots! I have always wanted some cool yoga shots and there no better background than this!

The most amazing tree ever! I love it!

Im obsessed with coconut water! Can you tell!

We cruised the whole time in convertable mustangs! It really is the only way to go!
Kristi and Landon are Beave and Kayla's friends! It was so fun to get to know them they are a blast! And of course we love Beave and Kayla!!Me and Lahua ( Aarons wife had so much fun) We got made fun of for the scarves but hey our hair was out of our face and not wind blown when we got to dinner so It really did the job! I think they are cute anyway. If I ever have a convertable you better bet I'm gonna be sporting my scarf and big sunglasses:)

This was the view from our balcony. WOW!This was our beach house!

This was the most wonderful snow cone of my life. I would have it any day over Bahama Bucks! Instead of cream it had condensed milk and the flavors were home made. So So So good! I'd go back just for that haha!!!We jogged to this point it was right down the street from where we stayed.

This is my favorite picture!

Our whole group as we arrived in HI

Best Breakfast ever! This is what they based the breakfast place in 50 first dates after

Again those monsterous waves

The whole group again:) I"m so glad we got to share this experience with them! We had a blast and are ready to do it again!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

August/Septmber Happenings

August was hot and fun!!
Nate celebrated another birthday! We had a hot date to the Keg Steakhouse, yum:)

We also had some friends over for some pies (Nates request)
Winston is constantly cracking us up. He is such a cutie pie! BAth time is his absolute favorite time! He plays and splashes

We took Winston and JAce to their first baseball game
I got to meet up with Hiedi
and I discovered Winston's love for Jamba. Does he realize that while I was prego I drank Jamba like everyday?
My skinny little monster cant keep his pants up. They just fall right to his ankles all day. One day I looked over and he took his shorts and put them on his head. Oh my gosh, I was cracking up.

Uncle Ryan with his future nieces (haha fingers crossed)

HAppy Birthday Heather