Monday, July 20, 2009

Winston and the Cougars

When I jumped on the ban wagon to get pregnant, The ban wagon was pretty full. It seems like almost all of my friends were about six months along when I finally got pregnant. Needless to say Winston has many friends, girl friends that is. He is one lucky guy with all these pretty girls hanging around him. He's younger than all of them, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind a cougar.

Here he is with Kristen's daughter Karis.
Winston and Brielle locking arms
She knows how to make him smile
This was the first girl he met. Leah! She dominated him in size
When Brielle first met him she leaned over out of no where and just gave him a kiss. It was so cute.
This is Nate's best friend Beave's daughter, Kennedy
Winston and Leah smiling
Here's Winston and Tylie! Such good friends
Cuddle bugs
Poor Winston is already getting worked over by his women

So cute!
They have a love/hate relationship
Here he is with all his women!!! What a stud
Watch out ladies, Leah's making her move

Monday, July 13, 2009

What We've been up to!!!!

Well, I've made you all wait long enough, so here comes an explosion of pictures and stories to fill you all in on what we have been up to. Trust me, it's a lot.

My pictures are in backwards order so We are starting with the most present.

Winston was blessed! Yeah!!! It was so fun and he looked so cute. We had so much fun being able to be with family and friends for this special occasion. Thanks so much to those who were able to make it!!! (ON Time, that is) Oh yeah Langdon... If your reading this I'm totally calling you out. haha!!! You know I will never let you live down being late to Winstons blessing :)

Here's a picture with Nate's family. All of my family bailed after sacrament. And I'm now just realizing that I never got a picture with all of them. :(
Nate and I were both nervous, but it was really good and really sweet. 
So now I will take you back a few weeks ago to fathers day weekend, where Nate and I woke up and said, "you know now that we have a kid, there is just one thing missing... A Mini van of course!!!!!"
So yes, believe it or not, but nate and I are now the proud owners of a mini van. Don't laugh! I know we just have one kid, but its never too soon to plan ahead
Winston has had many firsts, one of those was Swimming!!!! He loved it, although he wasn't feeling the photo shoot beforehand

Winston had his first play date and slept right through it!
Winston got to meet Uncle Ryan, and here's some pictures of Ryan trying to copy Winstons faces

Carrie came over and gave me a make over. Thanks Carrie! You are the best. I needed it. Here we are with Leah and Winston

Another big shocker is that I quit my job and have started watching my nephews a few times a week. It has been hard but worth it. I get to stay home with Winston now.

Here are some cute pics of the boy!

Even more shocking than leaving my job is that we moved :(
We rented out our house and are now living in Chandler at a house my brother owns. We miss our nice spacious house and of course all the fun friends and neighbors we had out there. Here is a picture at a ward party with some friends. 
Winston went on his first trip to Thatcher. We hung out with Nate's friend Jar and Stephanie's boy, Mason. He's a giant compared to winston and was pretty scared of him too. It was too cute.
Winston and Raylee hung out with their aunts and uncles. This is Jared, he opened up his mission call while we were there. He's going to Guana Africa. the Cave Coast mission. Wild!!!!
Winston met uncle Kyle and Aunt Lindsay
Raylee loves holding Winston! She is so sweet with him

YEAH!!!!! DADDY GRADUATED WITH HIS MASTERS!!!!!!!!! Congrats Nate, your the best!

And here is Winstons first bath!!!

GO NATE!!!!!!!! ASU!!!!!!!!!!