Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Behind..Oh Well.. Here's our October

My dreams certainly came true in October when a group of my girlfriends decided to go to the So You Think You Can Dance concert!!! All of us girls are equally obsessed with the show, How obsessed you ask? Well, when its on, every week we get together to watch it, and then when were alone we all re-watch it because we end up missing a lot while were talking. We keep all of the episodes saved on our DVR's until our husbands force us to erase them, and we seriously go back constantly to rewatch the dances that we liked. Tricia and her son even memorized one of the dances this year, and that had to of been the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!!!

Anyway, here we are before the concert in our specially made shirts,

We drew so much attention that night it was so fun!

Eating before the show! Busting moves
The craziest thing for me was seeing So many of my old friends at the concert. I seriously was expecting to be the only adult out of 10,000 little teeny boppers, but that was so not the case. I ran into Jen Kabutz who I used to dance with in Highschool. and then there were like 5 of 6 other people that I ran in to from Gilbert High School as well, what are the chances??

Then, Nate and I played hosts for our family. Nate's grandparents from Florida as well as his Grandpa's brother Gary and his wife Michiline came to visit all the way from Paris, France! We absolutely adore them, and were able to take them out and do a lot of fun stuff.

I took them to the Hail Theatre in down town Gilbert, which they absolutely LOVED!!! (This is such a good place to take visitors and its pretty inexpensive)

The stage is right in the middle, and the audience is on all 4 sides which makes it interesting.

Gary and Michiline are great! We actually went to France 3 years ago and they showed us all around! We had a really good time.
Grandpa Wright, Gary, Michiline, and me

This picture makes me laugh, my mom was standing in the sun and I kept making her go lower and lower so I could see her. haha!

Here we all are at one of my favorite places Joes Farm GrillBaby Brielle Bridges, daughter of Langdon and Heather, made her big debut in October! Though she was nameless for the first 3 or 4 days, which nearly drove me to insanity (just ask Heather). Here she is already flashing gang sings and everything haha, actually I think she is signing the words "I love you" only to me though. Then Carrie had her baby shower which was really cute! Even though I was NOT invited :)

Haloween was great, and of course I was aweful at taking pictures. I am in the works of getting a picture of Nate and I's costume this year. It was nothing compared to our Wayne and Garth last year, but it was pretty fun.

Here are my nephews costumes though. Cannon was Blue from blues clues!And Turner was Blue's little friend from the show (I'm sure I will get to know this characters name real soon here, but for now I'm clueless)Of course this is the only picture I could get of them together.Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

September Part 2

I hear wedding bells!
In September Nate and I went to Utah for Kyle's (Nate's little brother's) wedding Kyle and Lindsey had a beautiful ceremony in the Mt. Tempenogous temple.
Lindsey was so beautiful, and her dress was so cute.

Here are Nate's grandfathers

Here are Nate's twin uncles Lynn and Layne

and here are Nate's adorable grandma's The happy couple!
Our cutie Nieces! Love them!

The Wright's

too cute!

All the girls!Tell us how you really feel Jay. haha!Here is a picture (Not a good one) but of all of the great grand kids on the Walker side of the family. Notice they are all girls. So our little guy is going to be around a lot of estrogen. Hopefully they don't bully him too much :-) After the Wedding I went to meet up with friends and family in Utah. We hadn't been to Utah in forever, so it was so fun to see everyone! Rachel, Nate and I met up at Applebees with her boyfriend and his friends. We laughed so hard.
I got to spend a lot of time with one of my favorite cousins ever... Ashley!Ashley is a mommy of two, and it is so crazy to see her in her element with her kiddos. They are so good! You are such a cute mom Ash! Miley wasn't too thrilled when we sat her on the motorcycle at Lindsey's work Your hot Nate!!Say What???? Since when did I have a shoe named after me. One of my Utah highlights was meeting up with all of my family The Rohde's
Here are Ashley's parents, my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Gary, behind them is my Aunt ArlyneWe got together at my favorite Hires Big H. You'll never guess who that is next to Ryan and I... it's my biological father. Crazy huh! Good thing Ryan knows how to lighten the mood. I'm not sure if Ryan made it more awkward or less awkward, but that's Ryan for you

We got Rainer to flex his muscles with Ryan. haha!
Ryan and Cheryl, need I say more! haha! I love this girl! Then Mckinzi invited us to the event of the weekend. The BYU game. It was so awesome, I had never been to one before. the crowd was so fun!
It was really sunny that day and we just had so much fun! Thank you so much Kinzi! GO MAX and DENNIS and GO Cougars!!!
Back at home, Nate and I went with the gang out to Cheese cake Factory for Kristen's Birthday! Happy Birthday Kristen!