Sunday, December 13, 2009

October 09

This October was so fun, especially because we went to California and had so much fun visiting friends and family.
We first stayed the night with Mindy and Josh and their two kids, Case and Cameron. They are the cutest kids.

They loved playing with WinstonOur next stop was to Valencia to see my sister Trisha and family. Winston got to meet his cousins for the first time. Here he is with Gwen.She's like twice his size:) I love itWinston had fun with all his cousins Gwen, Sadie and MAx One of the main reasons we went this weekend was to go to the BYU vs. San Diego game. On our way to San Diego we stopped in New Port Beach and ate at one of the best breakfast places Plums

Does it get any better than that?
We stopped and took some pics at the beach, unfortunately it was pretty over cast out but Winston loved the beach!

He was all smiles

Then We celebrated one of Winston's best friend Brielle's birthday. She turned 1

The decorations and cupcakes were so dang cute

The Birthday girl with daddy

Winston with LEah

Winston was so happy there. He is just the happiest boy I know for real!

Happy kids

Riding horses

Halloween 09

A few years back we did a halloween fear factor party. It was so fun, so for Marlee's birthday on the 25th, we played fear factor again.
Here's Ryan and Nate getting pumped for the games to begin The first game, we had to suck up this nasty concoction and then spit it into a cup. The first to fill the cup up to a certain line won.

Ryan and Marlee's husband Ed won this. It was so gross and it almost came out my nose while I was running to fill up out cup.
The next game, we took Eyeballs (marshmellows) and dipped them into blood (strawberry syrup) then from a ladder we tried to get the eyeball into our partners mouth.

Nate got so messy. I think its cause I have such bad aim.



The last game we had to put flour bags in our mouths and drop them into a bucket. You end up with flour all over and it gets stuck in your teeth like glue. It's so gross. But we had so much fun.
For Halloween, We came strait out of Oz.
Winston is always growling so we knew we had to make him a lion. He was so cute in his little costume. I was Dorothy
And Nate was the Tin man

Happy Halloween!

We went to Heather and Eddie's Halloween party and had so much fun. I was so excited because my chili won the grand prize which was a massage!!!!! It was so awesome.
Loren and Carrie's costume was hilarious. They were the justin timberlake spoof of Beyonce's Single ladies.

We had so much fun with kareoke.