Saturday, October 24, 2009

Having fun

For labor day CArrie and Loren Smith invited us out to their cabin up north. It was so perfect!!!Carrie's parent's cabin was so pretty with the prettiest view.
Not to far from the cabin is a Natural bridge that we hiked out to. It was really pretty
This is the Natural bridge

Pretty waterfall

Winston and Leah loved being out doors

Here Winston and Leah were mapping out our hike

Cuties in car seats
Thanks so much for inviting us. We had so much fun
Here are some other pictures.
Winston and Grandma napping
Winston meeting Brynn for the first time. They were both fast asleep. It was so precious.

Here is Winston and Tylie!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Nate

In August was Nate's birthday.
If it weren't for pictures I wouldn't remember what we did. ( I know horible, right?)
Winston went shopping for presents with me, While shopping around we tried on some hats. We ended up getting dad some books, cause unlike me, my husband is a book worm.

On Nate's birthday we went to dinner at Macayo's, We love that place

We went with our friends Shane and Lauren. We love them, they are so fun.

Shane is one of Ryan's childhood friends. We have known him and his family since we were babies.

Ryan and his date.

Happy Birthday honey!!!
(Sorry this is the best pic I have, Nate HATES taking pictures)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farewell Elder Wright

Nate's little brother Jared had his farewell in August. We all went to thatcher and had a great time with family. All of Nate's grandparents came, which was really special. We were able to get some 4 generation pictures, which is so exciting.
Here is Nate's mom with her parents (Grandma and Grandpa Walker) Nate and Winston
We love the Walkers so much. They are the sweetest people. Out of quite a bit of great grandchildren that they have, Winston is actually the first boy.

Here's Elder Wright with all of his Nieces and Nephew. He is so good with them. He is going to be a natural one day.

The Cousins! Poor Winston is going to have to stick up for himself around these wild girls. Right here he's thinking "Aunt Des, please please please make sure that the baby in your tummy right now is a boy"

Winston also got to meet his Great Grandma and Grandpa Wright. Winston just loved peepah Wright, he would smile and laugh everytime with him.

Cute little guy

Here is the 4 generation picture on the Wright side. It's crazy because all four of them are the first born of their family.

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Lindsey

This next picture cracks me up. We totally could make the people of Walmart website with this incident. haha!
So we needed to run to Walmart real quick and Addison had just gotten out of the bath and all the boys were out hiking, We didn't have time to get ready, so Camille just said what the heck, were in Thatcher, who cares, and just took Addison in her diaper only, no shoes and her hair was all in her face.

Too cute!

Winston loves his Bumbo! So do I. He's such a strong baby though so I really have to watch him cause I could totally see him pushing himself out of that thing.

Elder Wright with Winston, Its so wierd to think he'll be two when he comes home. He is serving in Ghana Africa and has already had many humbling experiences. He is absolutely LOVING it over there. We are so happy for him.