Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a.............

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! We finally know what we are having!!!!! Before I disclose the sex of our baby, I thought I would explain the picture below. When we woke up Monday morning to go to the ultra sound, Nate picked out two ties one pink and one blue. I guess he told his work that whichever tie he was wearing when he came in to work would signify whether the baby was a boy or a girl.
I thought it was such a cute idea.

So what color did he end up wearing you ask... BLUE!!!!

We are definately having a BOY, and we are so excited! Oh, and for the record, I have known from day one that this was a boy. Mother's instinct maybe?

Here is Baby Boy Wright's big debut. Boy Parts and all!!!!

Sorry if that is too graphic for you. But, at least we have no doubt that it's a boy!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By the way...

In the midst of my blog neglect I have neglected to make a little blog announcement. I kind of feel like its not a surprise anymore, but...

Nate and I are having a BABY!!!!

I am 18 weeks today, and for those of you that hate when people go by weeks like I used to, I will translate. I am 4ish months and almost half way!!!!

We find out Monday (If the baby cooperates) whether it is a boy or a girl. Any guesses? Whoever guesses correctly gets to babysit!!!! haha

The baby is due May 6th (the day before my birthday) If you realized how much I covet my birthmonth, you would understand what a compromise this is going to be for me. But I guess this is just the beginning of the MANY sacrifices that come along with being a parent. My family thinks this is hilarious.

Anyways, we are really excited!

Serious Blog Neglect!

I'm so bad!!! I have serious blog neglect. It all started when our computer got a virus!!! I just feel like its hard to trust my computer again. I felt so betrayed that it crashed on me. Now I have gotten into such a habit of not going on the computer, that I started to neglect my blog.
I'm going to start being better.