Sunday, February 15, 2009

An eventful December

So December was such a fun and exciting month! It all started when Nate and I were able to get our ultrasound letting us know we were having a Baby BOY!!! Not long after that, Little Leah Bee was born.

Then Karis surprised EVERYONE by coming 2 months early! (Both mom and baby are perfect)
Here's Kristen, my idol. Not long after having Karis and already looking great.

And here Super BABY Karis. She is so cute.

While I gush over my friend's kids, of course I have to bring up Tylie, Laura's daughter. She had her 3rd birthday, and with Tylie you never know what funny thing she will do next, so no still shots here, All video. I had a hard time choosing which video to put on here, there are so many, but here she is with her cake.

Closer to chrismas, I threw together a last minute (literally) Christmas get together with a few friends. We of course had ugly Christmas Sweaters and just hung out. Here are some pictures. There were some friends that didn't dress up Christmasy, so they were not invited to be in the picture. haha!
Here is Nate's besty Beav and his wife Kayla and their little girl Kennedy

We couldn't find Nate's Turtle neck to go under his sweater, so he doesn't look as festive, but his sweater does have reigndeer on it, you just cannot see them.

Here's Marceles (I just love this guy) and I.
The party was fun and low key. I'll have to be more organized next time and plan it in advanced.

On the 23rd of December, Nate and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary! He was so sweet and got me flowers delivered to my work. I was shocked!!! He hasn't done that since we were dating. Thank you Nate! I love you!!!!

For Christmas, we really just spent a ton of time having fun with our families! Which was just perfect.
Here is a picture of Marlee (my sister) and Ed at my mom's house on Christmas Eve.
This year was our year to be with Nate's family. Normally we would have gone to Thatcher where his parents live, but since Des had to work Chritmas, we celebrated at our house. It wasn't the same though cause Camille Jay and Addison could not make it this year. We missed them a lot. In all it was fun, and I hardly took any good pictures, but here are a few.
Here is Lindsey and Kyle (Nate's brother) We got Lindsey the game of Rook for Christmas. She is the newest addition to the Wright family, and to be in this family you have to know how to play Rook.
Our main source of entertainment was cute little Raylee. Here's a video that I got of her. I'm posting this mainly for you Camille.
The Fishes. Des, Raylee and TC

Another funny gift was to Nate and Kyle from their brother Jared who is a highschool senior. Jared got them their old Jerseys from Thatcher highschool. Same number and everything. Apparently the same Jersey they wore is now the practice jersey. Now Nate can live out his highschool memories! haha

Is that Uncle Rico from Napolian Dynomite or my husband?
After we did Christmas with Nate's family. We went over to my sister's house to watch my nephews open gifts.
Me and Turner
The boys with their hot cocoa
Big Q and little Q
G-ma and Cannon
Here is my Christmas tree all decorated! I love my house around Christmas. I think Christmas decorations are so fun!!

After Christmas I had a few get together's. First was for Tessa Gissels baby shower.

Then we had a little Student council reunion. Not many people showed up. Hopefully next year we can plan it better and get more people to come.
Look close everyone, cause that is my first picture where you can see my baby bump.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I know, this is getting lame how far behind I am, but I promise that I'll be caught up soon. Anyways, November was fun. As far as pregnancy goes, I was in my 4th month. Just out of my first trimester, and eating like a mad woman. Well I've always ate like a mad woman, so imagine that and times it by 100. I really am so lucky because I never got sick throughout my pregnancy. In November I was in that stage where my tummy was getting big, but you still couldn't tell too much if I was pregnant or just fat. I used clever disguises like scarfs though, and that really helped. So sorry, no belly pics in this post.

My order is backwards, but oh well. I guess we'll start with Thanksgiving! We had it at my parents house and I was really bad at getting pics ( I was too busy eating), but here are a few.
My mom and I

Marlee's inlaws

And you know Turner was all over the desserts!

In November Nate and I took our Niece Raylee and our Nephews Turner and Cannon out to the Phoenix Childrens Museum. It was actually really fun and perfect for all ages. I was afraid they were too young, but actually there is a lot there that is geared to just their age. I totally recommend going there sometime.
Here's Raylee with her doll

Cannon in the car section

They have a huge play kitchen and grocery store. The kids loved it!

This was my favorite, the little ones got a little scared at first, but there are thousands of these noodles hung from the cealing and you just run through them.

Even the big kids can have fun!!!

Raylee girl!

Mr Turner! He was all over the place, it was almost impossible to get a picture of him, but he had a blast!

Then at the beginning of the month, Kristen had a baby shower! It was seriously so cute! Lynn and Marci did AWESOME!!!
I was so happy to hang out with Lynn and her adorable little family! Annabelle is a doll.
Some of you might remember this sign. Go class of 2002 haha!

Kristen and Linda!
Poor kristen wasn't feeling good that day. But she hung in like a champ:)
The cutest thing was the cake they had for her. It was adorable. I was a little pregnant lady made of frosting. Seriously that thing was edible. I felt like I was on Ace of Cakes.
And that's a wrap!! Hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for December!!!